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Midwest, a company 1st established in 1921, is recognized as the country's largest builder of pet homes. The wire form crates and cages designed and manufactured by Midwest are made with quality, durability and affordability in mind. Midwest offers an impressive selection of crates, cages, playpens, barriers, beds and more.

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The dog crates and cages section is divided into a variety of sizes, materials and series numbers. You can easily shop for a crate according to the size and build of your pet, Midwest carries homes for domestic animals of almost every size, ranging from 1 lb. to 200 lbs. Crates types are deciphered by the materials used to create the home. Find plastic, wire and canvas models on our site. Among the crate series found on the site are Life Stages Series, made of high gauge wire that is easily foldable, and Day Tripper Series, machine washable soft crates.

Puppy play and exercise pens are great when traveling. The pens provide your pet with a safe space to run and play when pulling over to a rest stop. You can also set-up the pens at home on a daily basis, so your puppy does not stray when in the yard. . Midwest vehicle barriers offer a unique design, which allows you to position the device horizontally or vertically. Soft brace pads are gentle on your pet and protect the interior of your car. Single and double level ferret cages are also available on our site, several models include full width double doors and easy access ramps. Make sure to check out the Midwest crate and cage accessories, which keep your pet home clean and comfortable.

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